FXB Colombia: “Now my children can study and have better nutrition”

Ottilia’s testimony FXB empowers women to permanently escape poverty, provide for their families, and live happier and more prosperous lives.  Ottilia is one of the thousands of women whose life was transformed by the Community Development FXBVillage program. Ottilia felt a sense of despair about her life when FXB first approached her to join the […]

FXB Myanmar: a new direction of vocational training

By Christine Eggs, General Director FXB International For almost three years, we have dreamed of this vocational training in hospitality and tourism, intended for very vulnerable young people. All these years of research to try to understand what is already being done in the country, of research in this sector that is increasingly opening up, […]

FXB India: Let’s end dark economics of domestic servitude

Satya Prakash, FXB India Program Manager, wrote an article for The New India Express on modern day slavery in the form of domestic servitude in Delhi. “Even pets receive better care than domestic helps. Being responsible citizens, we should play our part to end domestic violence” said the FXB staff. In India, FXB is working […]

Myanmar: a vocational training … and then ?

 Diary piece from Christine Eggs, General Director  FXB International 24 March 2017 – “On mission in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), I went to meet people who have followed professional trainings in one of our FXB centers. For over 20 years, we have provided trainings to very vulnerable young people in the sectors of clothing, […]

World Water Day

Affordable drinking water for all is a key element of the world we want to live in. There is enough water on earth to achieve that dream. The Challenge Drinking water only accounts for 1% of all the water available on earth. With demographic growth, sanitation and social issues related to water-borne diseases, climate change […]

Mongolia: a New Beginning

Enkh is a 40 year old single mother. Her older daughter has vasculitis, her 7 year old boy is disabled, unable to walk nor talk, and her youngest is only 3. When her husband passed away a few years ago, Enkh did consider ending her life. She could not work as her children needed constant […]

Uganda: A Mother Who Never Gives Up

Olivia felt like “a problem in the community.” As a mother of two children in Kampala District, Uganda, Olivia relied on her husband’s meager income from hawking plastic shoes and bags for living. The family could hardly afford daily meals. Even worse, they were thrown out of their rental house due to failure to pay […]

International Women’s Day 2017

On 2017 International Women’s Day, FXB leads tribute to the thousands of women participating in its international programs, recognizing their courage, resilience and determination to end poverty and give their children a future. Investing in children, young people and women is an investment in peace and security. Women’s stories Uganda: A mother who never gives up […]

The Difference Between Giving Charity and Empowering People

By Todd May, professor of philosophy at Clemson University, and the author of the book, A Significant Life. In this article, Mr May gives us his take on how to make global development projects successful. “There’s a huge difference between giving people charity and empowering people with the tools they need to change their lives. […]