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Our challenge: to raise $30,000 in 50 days for the FXB Day Care Center for Street Children in Jaipur - A critical stake for this center to keep operating

The FXB Day Care Center: a haven of peace for the street children of Jaipur


A child disappears every 10 minutes in India. Only half of them are found. Some are abducted or sold to child traffickers, most run away to escape poverty, abuse or mistreatment by their families. They use the railway system to travel to the big cities where they hope to find a better life. Once on the platform of the terminal, they are completely confused, lost and afraid in the middle of chaos, without knowing what to do.

They are left to beg or to collect rags and garbage left by travelers. They are also easy prey for child traffickers who enlist them in criminal activities or force them into prostitution or forced labor.

For hundreds of children, the FXB Day Care Center is their only haven of peace and safety! The Covid-19 pandemic has made these children even more vulnerable and we greatly need your support to continue helping them!

Objectives of the project

Providing shelter to street children in Jaipur
Accompanying boys and girls on the path to personal reconstruction
Acting at the heart of child trafficking

Our Action

Jaipur is crossed by many long-distance trains, making it a hub of tourism and commerce and attractive to young runaways. In collaboration with other NGOs and the railway police, FXB India tries to intercept these children every day when they arrive at the station. They are then placed in temporary shelters while negotiations are initiated with their families for reunification. If reunification is successful, the children are returned to their home states and cared for by government protection committees to ensure that reunification is carried out in the best interests of the child. If family reunification is not an option, FXB and its partners work to integrate them into government programs.

However, every day, children fall through the cracks and some have been on the street for too long. Temporary homes and government programs, already overcrowded, are no longer an otption for them.

FXB Day Care Center

Every day, the FXB Center welcomes approximately 40 children from the streets and surrounding slums. For these boys and girls, aged 4 to 18, the FXB shelter is their only haven of peace and security. They come here to eat, bathe, wash their clothes, rest from the chaos, and receive proper medical and psychological care. Many try to escape their harsh reality by using cheap psychotropic drugs like Tip-Ex or paint thinners, so it is also a matter of educating them about the risks associated with drug addiction and trying to wean them off. Children also benefit from informal education – with the hope, for some, of joining the formal system – and basic computer training is offered to older children.

Considerable work is being undertaken in terms of developing essential psychosocial and interpersonal skills that will help build the resilience of our young people and help them to better integrate into society. Topics such as gender equality, sexual and reproductive health education, HIV/AIDS prevention, sexual abuse and violence, respect for oneself and others, leadership training or financial planning are discussed and worked on with them throughout the sessions.

The FXB team is constantly working to get these children off the streets and out of the clutches of traffickers through family reunification or placement in foster homes or government facilities. Unfortunately, the older the child, the more complex the work.


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This shelter allows
children per year, since 2007, to feed, wash, educate and rest.
For these children
is their only haven of peace and security.
Our challenge:
days to raise $30,000 and keep on protecting it

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Join the community that supports the FXB Day Care Center in Jaipur and allow our teams on site to continue to offer them a safe and peaceful haven and to fight to get these children off the streets and out of the clutches of traffickers.

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Kofi A. Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations

"Nothing is more important than building a world in which all our children have the opportunity to reach their full potential and grow up in health, peace and dignity. "

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Raphaële François-Poncet

The FXB Day Care Center in Jaipur is dedicated to the daily care of nearly 40 children taken from the streets and from the hands of traffickers. This Center needs you today, not tomorrow. On this page, you can change the destiny of a little girl threatened by prostitution or a boy trapped in drugs and allow this home to continue its work. "Our only real power is to help others" said the Dalai Lama, the power of a small click is so precious! Jaipur seems far away when you are in Dubai but it is less than 4 hours flight. We count on you to reach the 50 000 USD needed.

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Anne-Marie de Ganay

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