Our Policies

FXB Ethics Charter and donations policy

This code of ethics establishes the ethical values and behavioral standards that must be preserved and developed by all FXB staff. It is our unchanging value to establish a corporate image that can be trusted by all stakeholders with the highly prioritized value criteria of integrity, fairness and honesty.

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FXB Child Protection Policy

FXB’s programs aim to prevent and reduce all forms of violence and insecurity, ensuring a safe, secure and protective environment for children.

Children are FXB’s primary beneficiaries and it is therefore of the utmost importance that the organization has a clear Child Protection Policy in place to safeguard children from any kind of abuse and to minimize the risk of abuse where it exists.

It is also important for all those involved with FXB and the children it cares for, their families and their communities that they are protected in terms of legislation, regulation and ethics.

In the context of this policy, the term Child Protection is used to describe the values, policies and procedures to protect children from both intentional and unintentional harm.

It applies particularly to the duty of FXB and the people and partners associated with FXB – towards the children in their care.

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