FXB Newsletter: "This crisis is an opportunity for change"

Posted on 29 September 2020

In our latest newsletter, we pay homage to all those who have found themselves on the frontline of this unprecedented health, social and economic crisis.

The COVID-19 crisis has made people brutally aware of the fragility of our globalized world. It spares no one!

But, once again, the situation is different in fragile countries, in slums where generations are confined to a cramped space, without toilets, no running water and big difficulties finding food.

Women are the first victims of a crisis of any kind. They carry the burden of the family unevenly, or on their own when it comes to single parent families. They must face increased economic insecurity and find themselves even more exposed to domestic or sexual violence and to exploitation.

However, this crisis has mainly highlighted their leading role through the world. Women occupy more than 70% of front-line stations, often the least valued, in the professions of health, education, maintenance and sale or social assistance.

In the countries where we operate, our collaborators were the first to engage in the struggle. Courageous, creative, they quickly organized actions of prevention, food distribution or simple soaps that can save lives in remote communities.

Women entrepreneurs that we support manufacture masks for their communities or share their harvesting vegetables with their neighbors.

We want to pay tribute to all these women for their combativeness and resilience. We believe that this crisis is also an opportunity to change, in depth, the causes that lead to social injustice.

Thank you for putting your steps in ours and to help us… change the world.


Christine Eggs
FXB International General Director

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