FXB invests in the economic empowerment of women

Posted on 25 May 2019

Investing in the economic empowerment of women is the undeniable path to poverty eradication, gender equality and an inclusive economic growth.

In all its economic and community development programs, FXB focuses and promotes the economic empowerment of women as a powerful tool to strengthen social justice and a fundamental lever to break the cycle of poverty among vulnerable communities.

Discover Grace’s success story. From an initial status of extreme poverty, she is today a successful woman entrepreneur who employs 11 people in her living room furniture manufacturing workshop in Kigali, Rwanda.

At the same time, you can look at the very difficult path that Dorothée, Julienne and Espérance had to follow in Burundi to achieve economic and social autonomy.

They all share the same dream: give their children a decent future.

Short version:

Since 1991, our Community Development Program FXBVillage brings the extreme poor to self-sufficiency within three years. The FXBVillage provides integrated support in nutrition, health, education, and housing to meet participants’ immediate needs while building their income capacity to become economically self-sufficient.

FXB breaks the vicious circle of poverty. Families are thus able to protect and raise their children, have a positive impact on their communities and lead a dignified life in their country.

Combating poverty also entails fighting against all kinds of gender-related discrimination. This ambition relies first and foremost on the promotion and strengthening of women’s economic empowerment.