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The story of FXB started in 1986, when Albina du Boisrouvray’s only son François-Xavier, a rescue pilot, was killed in a tragic helicopter accident when he was just 24. This life-changing loss prompted Albina to walk away from a successful career as a film producer and dedicate her life to champion the cause of the tens of millions of vulnerable women and children left in the wake of the devastating AIDS pandemic. In 1989, Albina give away most of what she had to found the FXB Foundation and the FXB Association (FXB International) in honor of François-Xavier, to perpetuate the values of generosity and compassion that had guided his life, and to keep his mission alive by also seeking to rescue people – some of the poorest on the earth.

Click here to read more about Albina du Boisrouvray’s life and click here to read about François-Xavier Bagnoud, her inspiration.

The FXB Foundation has invested in many of the things that fascinated François-Xavier and inspired his life: a love of the Valais and the Alpine region where he worked, a fascination with flight and space, his academic studies and the promotion of human rights and public health around the world.

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