Photo: Alain Wicht - Burundi

Photo: Alain Wicht – Burundi

Geneva, 24 November 2016 – Amidst a difficult political environment, FXB is concerned about the growing food insecurity in Burundi. Convinced that investing in humanity is investing in peace, the international NGO continues to fight extreme poverty in the country, offering the most vulnerable families a chance to permanently break the vicious circle of poverty.

Since its independence, Burundi has experienced repeated political crises which have involved serious outbreaks of violence between the two main ethnic groups: the majority Hutu and the minority Tutsi. The economy is based almost exclusively on agriculture. Recently, Burundi was strongly affected by the climate pattern El Niño. The sociopolitical crisis which started in April 2015 has also increasingly affected the population resulting in food insecurity for 1.46 million Burundians, of which nearly 350,000 are in emergency situation (FAO, November 2016). These numbers are rising.

In November 2016, with the support of the Arcanum Foundation and Roi Baudoin Foundation, FXB inaugurated its third community development program, the FXBVillage, in Buterere, located northwest of Burundi’s capital, Bujumbura. In this commune, life is particularly difficult since it serves as an area of waste disposal for the surrounding municipalities. A large minority of Batwa (former slaves known as pigmies), lives today in this neighborhood, suffering segregation and denial of their rights.

For a period of three years, FXB accompanies vulnerable families towards social and economic autonomy by simultaneously addressing the causes of poverty. In 2016, FXB directly impacted the lives of 1,500 adults and children living near the capital’s waste disposal, therefore increasing the chances for survival of the most vulnerable.

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Founded in 1989 by Albina du Boisrouvray, FXB (François-Xavier Bagnoud) is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to provide families living in extreme poverty with the tools and support they need to become self-sufficient and give their children a future. FXB invests in the world’s poorest people, providing the basic needs of life: housing, healthcare, education and food.17 million adults and children across 20 countries have already benefited from the presence of FXB. The organization works with the conviction that investing in the most vulnerable people, is investing in peace and security worldwide.

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