FXB in action

FXB is operating one Community Development Program FXBVillage in Panama, directly impacting 60 households. The intervention model requires program implementation with a 360 degree vision of the community, focused on harnessing existing community assets and impacting the 5 pillars: health, nutrition, education, housing, and income generation.
In 2017, FXB joined the “Building Community for Sustainable Change” initiative (known as Santa Ana Lidera) that aims to transform the Santa Ana community in Panama City by attacking deeply rooted forms of exclusion through targeted interventions working with adolescent mothers, low-income women entrepreneurs and impoverished families, while simultaneously training community leaders to sustain the impact of those interventions.
The premise of the collective impact approach is that the targeted programs provided by member organizations will improve social conditions for a critical mass of residents and allow the community empowerment training to take root. The community empowerment training will strengthen local civil society through technical capacity building and psychological support, while empowering them to become leaders of their own community.


Santa Ana, a historical community adjacent to the current booming San Felipe district, experiences years of deeply rooted exclusion. According to the 2010 Panama census, approximately 18,210 people live in Santa Ana, with an equal distribution between men and women of which 18.5% live under the poverty line (Contraloría General de la República de Panamá. Censo de Población. 2010). In a more recent survey only 24% of the population completed high school and 46% reported not working or not being economically active. More than 79% on the population earns less that $600 per month and 40% earns less than $100 per month (Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas.Dieguez, Julio Mapas de pobreza y desigualdad a nivel de Distrito y Corregimiento. 2015)