FXB in action

Since 2001, following the initiative of Agathe Bagnoud, godmother of François-Xavier Bagnoud, FXB has been constructing and rehabilitating wells in northern Niger with the assistance of the local Tuareg population. Many of these wooden wells become inoperable. Therefore, entry points are rebuilt and upgraded with cement encasements that protect the water source below. These wells vastly improve the living conditions of the northern Niger populations that reside in the remote and arid area. So far, 18 wells have been dug, benefitting today over 18,000 people. Other wells are on their way.


Niger is the poorest country in the world, ranking last on the 2014 Human Development Index. It is a landlocked, sub-Saharan nation whose economy depends on crops, livestock and uranium. In the past years, drought and desertification have created major food crises.

Water shortages as well as vegetation scarcity are leading to the increasing displacement of nomadic populations. The shepherds are no longer able to count on lakes, often dried up, to allow their flocks to drink. Water shortages therefore increase people’s dependence on wells.