FXB in action

FXB initiated “The Benefits of Non-Violence as a Culture and Instrument for Conflict Resolution Domestically & Regionally” project implemented by PalThink for Strategic Studies, an independent non-profit think and do tank established in 2007. The project aims to promote, disseminate and enhance the concept, culture, and principles of non-violence within the Palestinian society, specifically targeting the youth in Gaza, as they are the means of positive change in society. The project trains local community educators and civil society organizations with the concepts and tools to resolve social and political differences through peaceful means and disseminates the values of non-violence within the Palestinian society through publications and media. This project contributes to raise awareness among youth in all issues related to non-violence culture and equip youth to spread this culture in their community.


The divide between Fattah and Hamas has led to the suspension of the democratic process. The young generation has never had the experience of casting votes in elections. In Gaza there is an immense need to create a culture of non-violence to equip the Palestinians youth to resolve differences through non-violence.