FXB creates new records in China

FXB China works in the remote and mountainous Southern Sichuan province. Recently, the international NGO completed three Community development programs there, each 3 years long. The FXBVillages helped a total of 1350 people escape poverty. All of them now eat three times a day, are able to save on a regular basis and can afford […]

Rwanda : FXB breaks a vicious cycle

Pauline is an HIV positive 41 years old mother living alone in Rwanda with her five children. Before entering FXB’s Community Development Program, Pauline had stopped treating herself with proper medication, was bullied by her peers and felt no hope for the future. Recognizing the fact that hunger, disease, illiteracy and stigma are interlinked, the […]

Uganda: FXB gives impulse for success

Federesi, a 40 years old mother of 9 children, tells us about her life before and after she became a participant of the Community Development Program FXBVillage in Uganda. Today a role model for her peers, the strong mother only needed FXB’s impulse to succeed. In her teenage years, Federesi’s parents chose her a husband who […]

Rwanda: the end of a lonely life

Before her encounter with FXB, Gaudentius, single mother of four children, lived a very isolated life in her village in Rwanda, Africa. Everything changed when she joined the Community Development Program of the international NGO.  Married at a very young age, she was unaware that her husband was having a relationship with another woman. When the husband […]

“Hot from the field” – Valuable UPENN-Harvard-FXB Evaluation report goes public

Last September, Michael Harhay and Dylan Small (respectively Doctoral student and Professor from the University of Pennsylvania) along with a team of Harvard and FXB co-researchers, submitted a comprehensive study showing positive results of the FXBVillage programs. “An assessment of the FXBVillage Program in Uganda and Rwanda”  is the product of over three years of extensive monitoring […]

Ramzaan Khan : An aspiring artist with a vision for change

Ramzaan at the FXB India Suraksha Day Care Center, Jaipur, Rajasthan “Trust and belief in oneself can help everyone overcome all kinds of challenges and difficulties”, says Ramzaan Khan,17. “Drug addiction can destroy a person’s future and I hope all addicted children would leave the habit as soon as possible. All children, whether they have […]

World Aids Orphans’ Day 2016 : The state of Pediatric HIV and Care & Support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children in India

“ The choice between food or shelter and safer sex is not a free one, since almost everyone will choose daily survival over the comparatively abstract risk of HIV” (Pinkham et al., 2008:169) Inclusive Socialization : Children inetract and exchange stories with their peers across India The United Nations General Assembly committed itself to accelerate […]

Ending Malaria : FXB India Suraksha focus on ‘Preventive Measures’

The death of 11 children from malaria, belonging to the Birjia tribe, an endangered tribal community in Latehar district of Jharkhand in August 2014 brought the issue into the mainstream media and highlighted the need for increased awareness about the disease. The district located around 180 km east of state capital Ranchi had no health […]

The Founder of FXB Receives Award from HIV Congress in India

GOA, INDIA – On March 19th, HIV Congress conferred the Meritorious Service Award on Albina du Boisrouvray, the Founder and President of FXB, “for her invaluable contribution for the care and support of people living with HIV/AIDS.” For over 27 years, Albina has supported estimated 100 million AIDS orphans and the poorest families in 12 […]