FXB is mobilizing for peace in Colombia

26 September 2016 marked a historic date for Colombia: the FARC (Colombia Revolutionary Armed Forces) and the Government of Juan Manuel Santos signed an agreement putting an end to the armed conflict which lasted over five decades. Certainly, there are still other organizations which could be the subject of an agreement with the Colombian Government. […]

FXB and its Founder lead tributes to the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shimon Peres.

28 September 2016 – FXB and its Founder lead tributes to Israel’s former President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shimon Peres, who died yesterday at the age of 93. FXB collaborated with the Peres Center for Peace through a commitment made during a  Global Clinton Initiative (GCI) meeting. The commitment included to provide psychological and […]

Myanmar: from weaving to sharing

Mo Myint Zu, 32 years old, joined FXB in 2002 as an apprentice. She followed the organization’s “Vocational Training program”, from level 1-4, during 3 years, to become professionally trained in weaving. After her training in 2005, she decided to go back to University and follow a distance learning course to improve her knowledge while […]

FXB Director at the Jaipur Day Care Center

FXB Day Care center – Jaipur, India – testimony by Christine Eggs, FXB International General Director “This week, I went to meet the street children FXB welcomes in Jaipur. Every day, there are thirty of them spending the day in our home. They live – or survive – in the railway station, in conditions of extreme […]

Images of Myanmar

François and Thibaud are volunteers with FXB Myanmar, working on video materials portraying FXB’s daily work in the country. “We are two students passionate about videos. During the past three months, we have travelled through South East Asia to meet various non profit organizations and film their daily work. Our goal is to provide promotional […]

FXB Colombia Launches New Crowdfunding Campaign

FXB Colombia has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Better Place, an online fundraising platform for social projects. The goal of this campaign is to help 100 families in Colombia permanently escape extreme poverty. FXB Colombia needs to raise 100€ for each participant. The donation will be applied to the forthcoming FXBVillage program in Las Flores community in […]

Rwanda: encounter with Angélique

My husband and I recently started volunteering for FXB in Rwanda. Every day, we go along the FXB staff to meet the participants of the community development programs. We meet incredible people. When I met Angelique, her story touched me. This is the story of a woman struck by lightning. One night, the lightning struck […]

Fighting Poverty with Multidimensional Plans: A Summary of the 2016 Human Development Report for Latin America and the Caribbean

FXB is currently working in Colombia, fighting poverty through its community development programs “FXBVillage”. UNDP has recently released the 2016 Human Development Report for Latin America and the Caribbean, which focuses on the need for multidimensional plans in order to combat poverty and improve quality of life in the region. FXB strongly believes in such multidimensional plan that will […]

Colombia: Speaking out from Barranquilla

Eyleen lives with her parents in one of the most dangerous streets of Barranquilla, Colombia. The introduction in 2013 of a Community Development Program “FXBVillage” in her area had a deep impact on her community. During a three years period, FXB provided her family with access to proper nutrition, health care, education, and lodging. The […]

South Africa: Walk a mile in my shoe

Mduduzi, 21 years old, benefitted from the FXB after school program in South Africa, and was later enrolled in the organization’s Vocational Training Program. He is now an independent, educated young man. Passionate about writing, his poems were selected to be published in FXB’s poetry book “Walk a mile in my shoe”. Testimony I was […]