“The Human Face of Migration” : Conference at UNESCO – 15 June 2017 – Speech by Albina du Boisrouvray, Founder and President Emerita – FXB International

Presenting an analysis of historical contexts, testimonies, experiences and lessons learned was the focus of this joint United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) – United Nations University (UNU) conference on “The Human Face of Migration: Historical Perspectives, Testimonies and Policy Considerations”, organized at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, on June 15, 2017. The conference […]

90,000 trees planted in the Gobi Desert – Mongolia

The FXB Mongolia team and the beneficiary families of its programs took part in a large-scale community work, as they were involved in planting nearly 90,000 trees adapted to the poor and arid soil of the Dornogobi Aïmag. The Gobi Desert has the particularity of alternating stifling summers and very severe winters. It holds the […]

Voices of former FXBVillage participants

Since 1990, over 83,000 people have become self-sufficient as a result of our Community Development Programs FXBVillage. But don’t take our word for it; here are some firsthand accounts of former FXBVillage participants: Namwandu FXBVillage participant, Uganda Vestine FXBVillage participant, Rwanda Zena FXBVillage participant, Rwanda

The Story of FXB India: Giving Voice to the Forgotten

For a decade FXB India Suraksha’s  integrated Community Development model has triumphed hope over adversity and enabled people to live a life of dignity. “I feel lucky to have been part of a program that has enabled us voice our opinions within the community. The women in my village cherish this opportunity to reminisce how […]

Uganda – Slum Entrepreneur: Irena’s story

In partnership with Sustainable Comprehensive Responses (SCORE) projects and UPHSP (Uganda Private Health Support Program), FXB offers vulnerable children and their families strategies of economical and social emancipation by teaching skills in community development, entrepreneurship, nutrition and child protection. In 2016 alone, FXB supported over 500 households in Uganda, including Irena, a single mother with […]

Rwanda 23 years after the genocide: Venuste remembers

April 7th marks the commemoration of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, which killed more than one million people. Lasting just one hundred days, it had a staggering daily death count and left many orphaned children behind. The genocide also exacerbated the spread of AIDS and severely damaged the ability of the Rwandan people to […]

FXB Colombia: “Now my children can study and have better nutrition”

Ottilia’s testimony FXB empowers women to permanently escape poverty, provide for their families, and live happier and more prosperous lives.  Ottilia is one of the thousands of women whose life was transformed by the Community Development FXBVillage program. Ottilia felt a sense of despair about her life when FXB first approached her to join the […]

FXB Myanmar: a new direction of vocational training

By Christine Eggs, General Director FXB International For almost three years, we have dreamed of this vocational training in hospitality and tourism, intended for very vulnerable young people. All these years of research to try to understand what is already being done in the country, of research in this sector that is increasingly opening up, […]