FXB is breaking barriers in India

Throught its on-going programs in India, FXB gave a young HIV positive mother a new lease on life. Ningthoujam, was only 17 when she ignored the pleas of her parents and friends and married her husband, a known drug user. She thought that he would eventually quit drugs after they were married. Two children later, […]

Rwanda : FXB breaks a vicious cycle

Pauline is an HIV positive 41 years old mother living alone in Rwanda with her five children. Before entering FXB’s Community Development Program, Pauline had stopped treating herself with proper medication, was bullied by her peers and felt no hope for the future. Recognizing the fact that hunger, disease, illiteracy and stigma are interlinked, the […]

Uganda: FXB gives impulse for success

Federesi, a 40 years old mother of 9 children, tells us about her life before and after she became a participant of the Community Development Program FXBVillage in Uganda. Today a role model for her peers, the strong mother only needed FXB’s impulse to succeed. In her teenage years, Federesi’s parents chose her a husband who […]

Rwanda: the end of a lonely life

Before her encounter with FXB, Gaudentius, single mother of four children, lived a very isolated life in her village in Rwanda, Africa. Everything changed when she joined the Community Development Program of the international NGO.  Married at a very young age, she was unaware that her husband was having a relationship with another woman. When the husband […]

Ramzaan Khan : An aspiring artist with a vision for change

Ramzaan at the FXB India Suraksha Day Care Center, Jaipur, Rajasthan “Trust and belief in oneself can help everyone overcome all kinds of challenges and difficulties”, says Ramzaan Khan,17. “Drug addiction can destroy a person’s future and I hope all addicted children would leave the habit as soon as possible. All children, whether they have […]

Justine’s story, FXBVillage Uganda

Justine is a 39 years-old married woman and lives in Uganda. She’s HIV positive. Mother of six, three of them are also HIV positive. She says “the things I have had to endure in this life, I do not wish any of my daughters to have to go through: that’s why I work so hard […]

Getting on the right path in China

In 2011, Bi Ji Me was a 33-year-old woman struggling to take care of her five children after her husband took his own life. Drowning in desperate financial circumstances and reeling from the death of her husband, she also considered suicide but she couldn’t bear the thought of abandoning her children. Living in the Bu […]

Participant’s Story: Vestine from FXBVillage Gisiza, Rwanda

The FXBVillage Gisiza started in November 2014 in Muhanga District, Rwanda. The program currently empowers 602 people – 365 children and 237 adults – from 80 vulnerable families affected by extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS. Here is the first progresses of Vestine after 6 months in the program: Vestine Mukaruziga is a 38 years old mother with […]

Myanmar: ELLE changed her destiny

SweSweOo’s life was changed for good when she met the team from FXB International. Present in Myanmar since 1992, FXB works on education, professional training and income-generating activity (IGA) programs, helping to develop the local economy. True to its comprehensive approach, the association promotes women’s empowerment and gender equality. It has also organized major awareness-raising […]