FXB welcomes the increasing attention being paid to the “Graduation Approach” and its implications for lasting development.


FXB welcomes the increasing attention being paid to the “Graduation Approach” and its implications for lasting development. ​This innovation in development thinking turns traditional models on their heads, providing a lasting ladder out of poverty for everyone it touches. We know this because we have witnessed the efficacy of the Graduation Approach in action for […]

FXB is proud of the success of the Women Entrepreneurs of its programs: Abiba, Rwanda

“I am capable today of raising my six children with dignity and look ahead with confidence” Abiba Discover the success story of Abiba, a Woman Entrepreneur living in Rwanda Through the provision of business training and an initial small capital investment as part of the FXBVillage program, Abiba was able to start a small milk […]

Catherine and François in Burundi – Second Hope: Dorothée and her Family

One afternoon we decided to visit former beneficiaries to find out what the Community Development Program FXBVillage has brought to these families and see where they are today, a few months after they graduated from the program. In the village of Buterere II, there are some families of Twa pygmy population. It is a minority […]

Catherine and François in Burundi – Hope for Janvier and his Children

After a week in Rwanda, we are in Burundi. With the FXB employees, we’re visiting families who are in extreme precariousness at the very beginning of the FXB project, named Buterere IV, which started only a month ago, in the spring of 2017. The people enrolled in this project FXBVillage live in conditions well below […]

“The Human Face of Migration” : Conference at UNESCO – 15 June 2017 – Speech by Albina du Boisrouvray, Founder and President Emerita – FXB International

Presenting an analysis of historical contexts, testimonies, experiences and lessons learned was the focus of this joint United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) – United Nations University (UNU) conference on “The Human Face of Migration: Historical Perspectives, Testimonies and Policy Considerations”, organized at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, on June 15, 2017. The conference […]

The Story of FXB India: Giving Voice to the Forgotten

For a decade FXB India Suraksha’s  integrated Community Development model has triumphed hope over adversity and enabled people to live a life of dignity. “I feel lucky to have been part of a program that has enabled us voice our opinions within the community. The women in my village cherish this opportunity to reminisce how […]