The Difference Between Giving Charity and Empowering People

By Todd May, professor of philosophy at Clemson University, and the author of the book, A Significant Life. In this article, Mr May gives us his take on how to make global development projects successful. “There’s a huge difference between giving people charity and empowering people with the tools they need to change their lives. […]

Who Will Act on Behalf of the Rohingya People of Myanmar?

By Arlan Fuller, research associate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and executive director of the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights Over the past three months, the Myanmar military has led a violent campaign targeting the Rohingya people in Rakhine State and currently shows no signs of relenting. In early […]

FXB commemorates the departure of the “Little Prince of the mountains”

On the evening of January 14th 1986, in Mali during the Paris-Dakar Rally, the helicopter piloted by François-Xavier Bagnoud crashed. In addition to François-Xavier, four other people lost their lives: Thierry Sabine, the creator of the Dakar, the French famous singer Daniel Balavoine, a reporter from the Journal du Dimanche, Nathaly Odent, and a Radio-Luxembourg […]

A Gisiza Story of Progress

Murangwa Reverien, a 49-year-old married man, lives with his wife and six children in Gisiza, located in the region of Southern Province of Rwanda. Before his family enrolled in the FXBVillage program, they lived in poverty. Murangwa and his wife could not provide for their family’s basic needs, and they saw no way out of […]

FXB is mobilizing for peace in Colombia

26 September 2016 marked a historic date for Colombia: the FARC (Colombia Revolutionary Armed Forces) and the Government of Juan Manuel Santos signed an agreement putting an end to the armed conflict which lasted over five decades. Certainly, there are still other organizations which could be the subject of an agreement with the Colombian Government. […]

FXB and its Founder lead tributes to the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shimon Peres.

28 September 2016 – FXB and its Founder lead tributes to Israel’s former President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shimon Peres, who died yesterday at the age of 93. FXB collaborated with the Peres Center for Peace through a commitment made during a  Global Clinton Initiative (GCI) meeting. The commitment included to provide psychological and […]

FXB Colombia Launches New Crowdfunding Campaign

FXB Colombia has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Better Place, an online fundraising platform for social projects. The goal of this campaign is to help 100 families in Colombia permanently escape extreme poverty. FXB Colombia needs to raise 100€ for each participant. The donation will be applied to the forthcoming FXBVillage program in Las Flores community in […]

FXB is propelling progress in Uganda

Even though Uganda has made impressive progress in reducing poverty, almost 20% of the population lives below the national poverty line. The demand for FXB Uganda’s work has never been more urgent. FXB Uganda recently implemented three FXBVillages. The Community Development Program of Maganjo completed in December 2015. For a period of three years, the […]

FXB takes children out of a waste disposal in Burundi

About 15% of participants in the Community Development Programs FXBVillage in Burundi are Pygmy (Batwa) families who had little rights and access to public services due to their traditional roles as servants. FXB Community Development programs are ongoing in the Buterere commune, near Bujumbura, which currently serves as an area of waste disposal for the […]