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In partnership with Sustainable Comprehensive Responses (SCORE) projects and UPHSP (Uganda Private Health Support Program), FXB offers vulnerable children and their families strategies of economical and social emancipation by teaching skills in community development, entrepreneurship, nutrition and child protection. In 2016 alone, FXB supported over 500 households in Uganda, including Irena, a single mother with seven family members living in the slum of the capital of Uganda, Kampala.

Irena used to sell cheap medicine for a health products company and worried all the time that no one would buy them. That meant no food for her families and no school for her children.

In 2011, Irena enrolled in FXB’s programs and mobilized other community members to take the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) training together. They quickly formed a group composed of 30 members.

Irena failed at her first attempt to set up a home boutique due to poor management, but she didn’t get discouraged. In 2013, Irene borrowed a loan of UGX 500,000 ($139 USD) and set up a poultry house. Her new business brought in UGX 800,000 ($222 USD) which she invested in developing her chicken business. By taking trainings in garden cultivation, Irena also started growing cabbage, carrots and tomatoes in her garden which not only feeds her family today, but also generates extra income every day.

“I am very happy, now I can afford to pay school fees for my children, eat two meals a day” Irena said. She is now planning to carry out farming on a larger scale outside Kampala.