By Christine Eggs, General Director FXB International


For almost three years, we have dreamed of this vocational training in hospitality and tourism, intended for very vulnerable young people. All these years of research to try to understand what is already being done in the country, of research in this sector that is increasingly opening up, on long-term development prospects, and of research to identify the place where nothing or very little youth training opportunities exist. Three years to look for the best training approach, namely the “dual apprenticeship” inspired by the Swiss model; three years of hope and of return to the starting point, as in a goose game. And we always kept working and believing.

And then, like a puzzle, the pieces fell into place. A first donor believed in our project; a partnership with Swisscontact provided a training curriculum developed with the SDC funding, and trained our future instructors; a suitable place to study was found, located in the Thandwe area – where no such training exists. There is also our encounter with and the commitment of the supervisor of this ambitious project – the right person, in the right place, at the right time – and the educational team that will take young people in charge.

In a few weeks, we will welcome our first promotion of apprentices and we are very pleased.

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