Ottilia’s testimony

O's imageFXB empowers women to permanently escape poverty, provide for their families, and live happier and more prosperous lives.  Ottilia is one of the thousands of women whose life was transformed by the Community Development FXBVillage program.

Ottilia felt a sense of despair about her life when FXB first approached her to join the FXBVillage program in Barranquilla, Colombia. Single mother, she lived in one room with her children, who did not attend school. Through the FXBVillage program, Ottilia gained access to the tools and resources she needed to provide for her children. FXB covered her children’s school fees, supplies, and uniforms. For the first time in years, her children finally had the opportunity to attend school. FXB also enrolled Ottilia and everyone in her family into a government health insurance plan.

FXB trained Ottilia on how to improve sanitary conditions in her home through proper ventilation, proper utilization of drying racks, and various hygiene practices. FXB also guided Ottilia on how to repair furniture and install concrete floors and a more solid roof. Ottilia overcame her fears and enrolled in courses to learn how to read and write, which increased her confidence and self-esteem.

Most importantly, she was given startup capital and business training to start a grocery store in her community. From the income she generated from her business, she was able to expand her house, pay for her children’s school expenses, and provide them with proper nutrition.

“Now my children can study and have better nutrition” proudly said Ottilia to FXB.

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Learn about the FXBVillage Model from renowned international development experts and get a glimpse into Sra. Otilia-s transformation when she participated in the FXBVillage Model.