Satya Prakash, FXB India Program Manager, wrote an article for The New India Express on modern day slavery in the form of domestic servitude in Delhi. “Even pets receive better care than domestic helps. Being responsible citizens, we should play our part to end domestic violence” said the FXB staff.

In India, FXB is working on an integrated approach to protect rights of children and women, partnering with UNWOMEN, UNODC,NCPCR and the Ministry of Women and Child Development to address incidents of violence in diverse forms faced by women and children, at state and national levels. FXB India has also partnered with the Government of India’s Initiatives to provide services for children in need of care and protection under its flagship program “Integrated Child Protection Scheme”. The organization has therefore set up a toll free telephone helpline, CHILDLINE (1098) in the district of Gautma Budh Nagar (Delhi/NCR region) in Uttar Pradesh, which is  India’s first 24/7 emergency phone outreach service for children in distress. Besides programmatic approach, FXB India has extensive research experience especially in the area of protection and safety, including in human trafficking.


Satya Prakash, FXB India Program Manager: “Even pets receive better care than domestic helps. Being responsible citizens, we should play our part to end domestic violence.”  Photo: @Shekhar Yadav


By Satya Prakash, FXB India Program Manager – 25th March 2017 – THE NEW INDIA EXPRESS

“Modern day slavery in the form of domestic servitude has been accepted as an ongoing practice in the capital Delhi. The metropolitan area and its associated towns—Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad have witnessed an increasing demand for young children, particularly girls around 12-16 years of age as domestic helps.

Given the type of profession that these cities attract, it is very evident that nuclear families require additional assistance with domestic work and baby sitting.

Interested couples normally approach placement agencies for domestic help, without knowing that such agencies operate illegally and often carry certificates that do not hold credentials under Indian law. Many couples who employ these helps are unaware of the fact that most of these young girls are victims of trafficking.

They are targeted by middle men associated with placement agencies, who are often known to the victims.

These placement agencies, which have strong networks in states such as Jharkhand, West Bengal, Assam, and Bihar, bring girls to Delhi with promise of a decent job and high salary.

They even pay advance token money as low as `1000-2000, to families. Once employed, these children are paid a pittance of `1,000-4,000 per month as remuneration, while the agency receives a commission between `25,000-50,000 per child. Middle men also make easy money through this.

Though government recognises it as a problem, they don’t have records on number of such agencies in Delhi to act against them. There is a draft of the Delhi Private Placement Agencies (regulation) bill 2012 that hasn’t been made into a law, and lieutenant governor’s order is not enough to regulate the placement agencies and protect rights of children.

We need to have a national legal framework at the earliest. Even the pets receive better care than helps. Being responsible citizens, we should play our part to end domestic slavery. So, do not forget to call Childline (1098) if you come across any such case of exploitation.”

Article The New India Express March 2017 (PDF)

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