My name is Kutlwano, I am a 21 years old South African from Soweto, Johannesburg. I have been part of the FXB afterschool program in Orlando East since it was first implemented in 2006. I have been part of the FXB family for 10 years to date and I must say that the journey has been an educational and enriching one.

I started the afterschool program when I was 11 years old, and ever since, I have been an active participant and beneficiary of FXB Programs. Through the afterschool program, I was able to learn how to speak and write English, improve my communication skills and boost my self confidence. I learned about HIV/AIDS, Drugs and Substance Abuse, learned a bit of ‘Sign Language’ too as well as drama, poetry, singing and dancing, among other things. I was also part of the afterschool program Youth Club for the longest time I can remember. The responsibilities that we were given in the Youth Club were very educational and empowering as we were able to gain good leadership skills through tasks we had to complete, such as conducting research and giving feedback to afterschool youth.

The program made sure to always go an extra mile in helping and supporting not only myself, but also my family, by providing us with food parcels on a monthly basis. FXB always made sure that I had proper schooling materials, including a school uniform. FXB’s involvement in my life brought some positive relief to my parents as no one was working or earning any income at that time. I graduated from Primary School, still being involved in the FXB Program and continued being an active participant throughout my secondary education.

Regardless of my impoverished background, I made it my goal to pass my matric so that I could be a step closer to improving my family life and economic standing. Due to lack of funds, I was unable to pursue further education at a tertiary level at University and, as always, FXB came to my rescue by enrolling me in the 2016 Vocational Training (VT) Program. I have learned and gained a lot from this training.

I was encouraged and taught to be self sufficient, to always think out of the box and to see a challenge as an opportunity. The VT Program has made me realize that I can make anything happen as long as I put in the work and effort. I have been committed in the FXB Program and have managed to pass and excel in all my course subjects ranging from Basic First Aid and Fire Fighting Skills, Business Management, Business Finance, Good Governance, Call Centre and Self Development. As part of my community outreach this year, I have been fortunate to get a ‘learnership’ from a CARE CENTRE in August 2016 ,which is where I am now doing fashion design and sewing.

My name is Kutlwano; I am an aspiring recording South African hip hop artist, an up and coming fashion designer and an entrepreneur in the making. Thanks to FXB, I have been able to stay out of trouble, stay in school and focus on bettering my life.