FXB Day Care center – Jaipur, India – testimony by Christine Eggs, FXB International General Director

“This week, I went to meet the street children FXB welcomes in Jaipur. Every day, there are thirty of them spending the day in our home. They live – or survive – in the railway station, in conditions of extreme vulnerability, and at constant risk of all forms of abuse. Their stories are sometimes unbearable to hear. Our Home is their haven of peace. There, they can for example take a shower, clean their clothes, eat, learn, have fun, relax or just sleep peacefully without fear of being hit or abused while they sleep.
I met Sanjay who, at the age of 12, has lost half of his leg jumping from a moving train (children “make their living” by collecting bottles, iron, rags, etc. passengers leave behind) – after a long process, we managed to get him a prosthesis that would improve his quality of life – even if he claims with a smile on his face that he moves faster crawling down.

I met Ramzaan who lived for many years in the street, dealing with violence and drugs. At FXB, he crossed paths with a visitor who looked at his drawings, and offered him a scholarship to follow an art school. I am actually caring back in my suitcase two drawings for this person. Ramzaan continues to come to the FXB daycare center several times a week. He is an example for his peers. He was nominated for the “International Peace Prize for Children 2016″, which annually recognizes a child for his commitment. The decision is expected in December.

I also met the three educators who take care of these children with incredible kindness and patience. I am leaving Jaipur with a red jewelry box in the shape of a heart crafted by children. I am also leaving India with an enhanced certainty that FXB Day care center in Jaipur enables nearly 150 children a year to acquire the tools they need to envision a brighter future.”