Since 1990 FXB has implemented numerous FXBVillages directly supporting more than 1,500 households, including 25,000 children and adults. In addition, more than 50,000 individuals have benefited from FXB in their communities through education on HIV/AIDS prevention, child protection, water and sanitation, food security and nutrition, as well as economic strengthening.

The Challenge

Uganda currently faces three major development challenges which are likely to affect the economic gains made in the country over the past two decades:

  • The high fertility rate and an increasing population is a significant challenge, with the number of the unemployed young people increasing rapidly. The dependency burden associated with a young populations continues to affects all aspect of social-economic and political development
  • The increasing HIV/AIDS infection rates are providing new development challenges. With dwindling resources, the government is faced with a challenge of researching alternative strategies to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS among some segments of the population
  • The influx of refugees around the Great Lakes region following the growing civil strife in Somalia, Congo and South Sudan poses a threat to the current population, in terms of disease spread and economic distortions, as the government battles to meets its international obligations to accommodate the increasing numbers of refugees

Our areas of focus

Since 1990, FXB has been working with children in vulnerable households in five districts (Kampala, Kyenjojo, Luweero, Wakiso, and Nakaseke) of Central and Western Uganda.

FXB currently has one FXBVillage program in Maganjo Parish, Nabweru Sub County, Wakiso District. Also FXB runs an economic-strengthening project for orphans and vulnerable children caregivers called “SCORE”, which services 461 families in Ssisa Parish Wakiso District and Kawempe Division, Kampala District.

Our future plans

  • Uplift 80 families above the poverty line by the end of the Maganjo Project in 2015
  • Establish more than 30 Village Loan and Saving Associations in Wakiso and Kampala District with fully functioning registered bank accounts
  • Enable more than 50 out of school adolescent youth, mostly girls, to acquire entrepreneurial skills and start up micro businesses to reduce their vulnerability
  • Provide economic empowerment to 120 additional OVC families by the end of 2014 around Kampala and Wakiso District
  • Treat more than 1,000 people suffering from depression and enhance their economic potential
  • Grow the partnership and networking structure of FXB, both nationally and in the region
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