Community life in le Valais - Matterhorn mountain

The FXB Foundation founded a variety of programs operating in Le Valais, dedicated to helping and improving the lives of people in the region. These included:

The FXB Water Mill and Traditional Bread Oven – Hérémence 

The FXB Observatory – Saint-Luc

The FXB Home – Salvan

The FXB Palliative Home Care Center – Sion

The FXB Rescue House – Sion Airport

The FXB Rescue Fund for Guides of the Valais: 1991 saw the launch of the FXB Rescue Fund for mountain guides in the canton of le Valais, providing financial support to those who can’t continue their work as a result of an accident. Where appropriate, assistance is also granted to their families.

The FXB Mountain Refuge – Panossière 

Other Contributions:

  • In partnership with the parish, the FXB Foundation contributed to the purchase and installation of organs at the Chapel of All Saints at Le Hameau in Verbier
  • The founding members of the FXB Foundation also undertook the design and funding of the stained-glass windows of the Chapel to commemorate François-Xavier and his commitment to rescue operations
  • The FXB Foundation subsidized a classical music-festival – “Les Schubertiades” in Sion (Switzerland)
  • For 10 years, the FXB Foundation has supported the Schola des Petits Chanteurs of Notre-Dame de Sion by way of an annual donation. Founded in 1926, the Schola boasts some 80 singers, most of whom are children. As an independent school of music and non-profit making body, it carries on a human and secular musical tradition that has existed in the west since the Middle Ages
  • The FXB Foundation undertakes a number of actions in the field of tennis in the Valais (Switzerland), notably the construction of the FXB Hall for the Tennis Club of Valère, with its four tennis courts where the children of Sion have an opportunity to take tennis lessons free of charge, organized on Sunday mornings by the Sports Department of the Municipality of Sion
  • The FXB Foundation distributed 27,000 copies of the comic Jo (Derib) – on HIV/AIDS prevention – to young students from Valais Schools
  • In collaboration with the Valais authorities and the clergy, the FXB Foundation participated in the transformation of a chapel to a lecture theater for the Valais Engineering College
  • In 1991, the FXB Foundation gave an infra-red night vision system to the Air-Glaciers company in order to improve helicopter emergency night flight efficiency and safety
  • Since 1995, the FXB Foundation has collaborated with “Restos du Jeudi” in Sion, a charitable organisation that operates like France’s “Restaurants du Cœur”.
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