FXB started working in China in June 2006. Its focus is in the rural western part of the country where poverty, HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse are just some of the socio-pressures facing the region.

The Challenge

The recent economic boom in China has been a story of two halves; big cities have experienced exponential growth while those in the countryside, mainly in the western part of China continue to live in poverty.

Bu Tuo County is a typical undeveloped county in China. The county is plagued with high drug and alcohol abuse, poor infrastructure and amenities, rising HIV prevalence rates and high rates of migration to cities, resulting in many children being orphaned or left behind. With a population of 140,000, 95% of whom are of Yi ethnicity; more than one in five of the population is classified as ‘extremely poor (per capita annual income less than 600 Yuan or €85) and only about 27% are literate. Recent HIV tests administered at a Bu Tuo drug detox center found that more than 36% of drug users were HIV-positive.

The central government is now aware of the plight of Bu Tuo and some state-funded projects were created and are currently on-going, such as New Rural Development, free test for voluntary HIV, free ART for HIV+ people, promotion of compulsory education and more.

Our areas of focus

FXB started working in China in June 2006 and launched two Pilot Programs for Children in Luxi and Long Chuan in Yunnan, targeting mainly orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) affected by drugs and HIV/AIDS. UNICEF and the Beijing Institute for Information and Control evaluated these pilot programs in 2008 and highlighted significant increases in household income and assets, a 25% reduction in household debt, and significant improvements in children’s health, education levels, and emotional well-being. Among enrolled children who have lost both parents, emotional and psychosocial status had improved six-fold since enrolment in the program.

At the end of 2013, FXB had completed four FXBVillages in Bu Tuo County and started another three FXBVillages in Bu Tuo county, Liang Shan Yi Prefecture, Si Chuan Province, all remote parts of the county which will complete by end of 2015. Currently, FXB’s work is conducted in partnership with local branches of the Chinese Women’s Federation, which serves women and children in communities across China.

FXB currently works in Southern Sichuan province, in remote and mountainous Bu Tuo county of Liangshan/Yi Autonomous Prefecture. At present, this province is one of the less well-off provinces in China in which significant disparities exist between rural and urban populations: almost half the population lives on less than $2 a day. In Sichuan, which has a total population of more than 87 million, HIV prevalence in the population is expected to increase by 30% each year, and the disease has spread beyond at-risk populations, from those injecting drugs and sex workers, to the general population. This is particularly concerning given the high levels of misinformation and stigma associated with HIV and its prevention.

Our future plans

  • Empowering more women to secure trainings in vocational skills and literacy by middle of 2015
  • Voluntary beneficiary group activities with effective income generation activities, by middle of 2015
  • Effective vocational training for young adults, by end of 2015
  • Replicate the women empowerment projects in Bu Tuo and neighboring community or community in need, by 2015-2016
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