Fire truck donated-1


  • The FXB Foundation made a donation of 400 books originating from the du Boisrouvray family libraries to the Lebanese Red Cross in Beirut for the young rescuers during the war
  • The FXB Foundation donated two planes, a Cessna 402 C and a Cessna 182 Q, to AMREF (African Medical Research Foundation). The planes are used during emergency evacuations, to fly for various humanitarian organisations active in Kenya and Somalia, visiting isolated areas and carrying out vaccination programs
  • The FXB Foundation donated a fire engine to a group of young firefighters, childhood friends of François-Xavier, from Levis-Saint-Nom, near Paris (France)


  • Publication by the Global AIDS Policy Coalition (GAPC) of “AIDS in the World I” and “AIDS in the World II”
  • Publication of FXB Orphan Alert 1 : International Perspectives on Children Left Behind by HIV/AIDS. FXB has developed this volume to serve as a resource for a broad range of readers interested in orphan issues. Orphan Alert is intended to be accessible and useful both for those who are already deeply involved in efforts to assist orphans and for those who are just beginning to learn about the orphan crisis
  • Publication of Orphan Alert 2 : children of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic: The Challenge for India : India currently faces a rapidly increasing HIV/AIDS pandemic that could devastate communities, as well as the entire national economy, in the same way that it has done across sub-Saharan Africa, if not brought under control
  • Publication of AIDS in the Twenty-First Century, by Tony Barnett and Alan Whiteside, published by Palgrave and funded by the FXB Foundation. This groundbreaking study claims that it is vital to consider the disease in its totality
  • South Africa: In 2008, children from the FXB After School Life Skills program compiled their short stories and poems into a book entitled ‘Iridescent Reflections’. In 2011, they also published a book of poems entitled ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes’